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2010 - Oct 30th - Disco Galactic feat: DJ GREG WILSON (UK) & opening set by: THECHASE


Disco Galactic Halloween Edition feat. Greg Wilson
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Headinghome/Futurehouse presents DISCO GALACTIC Halloween Edition with the return of UK Legend GREG WILSON (Credit to the Edit, Tirk, 2020Vision).

We are very excited to have Greg back at Disco Galactic! Don't miss him!

Also HAWKEYE & MICHOACAN Live (Headinghome). Their first live performance for Disco Galactic two years ago was a great success and their performance selections were all heavy hitters on the dancefloor. Don't miss this rare performance.

DJ LILLLYANNE (Headinghome/Futurehouse) Opening set by THE CHASE

COSTUMES STRONGLY SUGGESTED! Put together your best spaced out costume! Be creative! Costume contest.


The once-reviled "disco" genre has evolved into a kitschy culture with high- and low-brow influences as diverse as the sounds that shaped its birth, and Greg Wilson's legendary work as a producer, label owner, and DJ has helped define the skyhigh standards fans have for anything associated with the term. Get goosebumps as Wilson drops signature re-edits of all your best-loved tracks at the Halloween edition of "Disco Galactic," the rotating party known for spacey vibes and a shrewd crowd looking for a natural dancefloor high. Arrive early for a live performance by Hawkeye and Michoacan of Headinghome. Spacey costumes encouraged. - Amanda Moshier

SALVATORE PRINCIPATO (liquid liquid) Recap promo video

Promo video by: STUSSY!


If you're looking for a good party/DJ night in the LA area, your best bet would be to avoid Santa Monica, the living, breathing beachfront mall-city. This is the same city that recently decried it illegal to smoke on your own balcony. So when The Chase (a roving monthly featuring disco, beardo and adjacent) announced it was moving from downtown 15 miles west to Santa Monica, purists were very skeptical.

To entice, the crew brought in Justin Vandervolgen, the disco DJ's DJ du jour and a producer, engineer, performer and DJ that I had admired since the !!! and Out Hud days. And, to be honest, it was actually refreshing to leave the eastside/downtown for some new environs. The venue was Central S.A.P.C., a small live venue, which made for some westside bar aesthetics, but which guaranteed a nice PA and lighting package.

The only other benefit to the night taking place in Santa Monica is that it's right next to Venice, its defected sister city with some actual stimmung, so it pulled some of the disco beach nerds to come see their local DJ Heidi opening up for Mr. V. I caught some of her acidic space jams, which amounted to a very nice, sensitive warm-up. While the crowds weren't huge, the quality was solid, with more DJs than lay folk, like the Sarcastic, Still Going and Hot Biscuit concentric circles.

When Vandervolgen finally went on around 12:30 (remember, LA closes at 2 AM), the crowd was certainly into it. Every time I've seen him, Justin V really prefers to manipulate the lights as well, because he (obviously) knows his tracks better than a lighting tech. This time was no exception. He moved from Mouzon Electric Band's "Everybody Get Down," to the new Still Going remix of Bot'Ox, and another sordid collection of beardo-friendly but aggressive tracks. He's a DJ where you not only need to hear what he plays, but also see how he does it: His dynamic EQing was, as usual, on point and wild without being obnoxious. It was definitely an enjoyable evening, certainly my favorite in Santa Monica in years and possibly ever, but when the lights went on around 1:50 AM, I couldn't help but feel like things were just getting started.

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